a plea to get karate back to Paris 2024 Olympics

True to our values,
let's all wear this belt and reverse the OCOG's decision not to include karate at the 2024 Olympics.

«Citius, Altius, Fortius»

«faster, higher, stronger»,

motto of the Olympic Games

How can you go faster, be ranked higher and become stronger in a competition, when you’re not even given the opportunity to take part?
In 2024, the OCOG have decided to remove karate from the Olympic Games (OG).

However, karate is the Olympic spirit and the Olympic spirit is karate.
We share the same values: courage, exemplarity, righteousness, honor, ...
The same colors...
Millions of competitors around the world...

Today, we are staying true to our values, by choosing to wear this Belt Of Hope and hoping we can still be part of the Olympic family.

In order for our dream not to collapse before even getting started,
let’s make the OCOG change their mind.

Let’s all wear it.

Wear the belt and post your photo or video with the hashtags
#Karate2024 and #BeltOfHope